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North CarolinaSheehan Sales Inc.Downtown Raleigh at Night

Sheehan Sales, Inc is a Wholesale Distributor

Sheehan Sales,Inc is a family owned business which was started in 1988 by John & Sandi Sheehan. John & Sandi Sheehan have 30 years experience in Apparel Manufacturing, Design and Merchandising, as well as Sales and Distribution. They are the Principal Management of the Company.

Sheehan Sales provides both “Famous Maker” and branded products to our customers at prices which bring a higher level of profitability than what they purchase from the traditional sources. Many of our customers could not buy directly from these companies because of minimum purchase rules. Other customers buy directly from the large makers and Sheehan Sales, because they do not have access to the “Closeout” pricing. Purchasing from us allows them to offer many more styles on their floor than they would have been able to purchase had they bought directly from the manufacturer.

How do we offer products at these prices?

We scour the market for opportunities to clean unwanted inventory from the racks of famous maker uniform companies, as well as lesser or unknown import uniform companies. We find makers who sell only to private label companies or large retail chains, who will sell to us directly because we will buy the necessary volume. This gives our small retailers, internet retailers and direct sellers the same choice of merchandise a large uniform retailer has and the ability to be price competitive with discounters.

What type of merchandise do we carry?

The Famous Maker Companies find that from time to time they have end of Season clearances, cancellations, discontinuations , & overproduction they want to move to make room for the next season. Sheehan Sales buys this merchandise on a “take all“ basis. We get a variety of colors, styles, brands, sizes.

Because of how it is purchased, we cannot sell it by style, by color, by size. It is most often sold in a pre-assorted casepack which makes a marketable pack out of the large mix of merchandise. These “treasure chests” give you the ability to offer merchandise in your store which you might not otherwise have been able to carry at prices which are low enough to use to create profits on your sale rack or create excitement at a sales event.

The lesser or unknown import uniform companies provide us with very nice merchandise at value pricing. This merchandise is most often sold in traditional pack sizes and assortments. In print tops, we bring in new prints monthly. This gives the traditional retailer the ability to keep their racks fresh and interesting to the customer. In order to keep customers coming back often, they most believe that something new is going to be on the racks. We offer a way to achieve that with our low minimums and quick shipping.

In-stock basics sold by size and color

We have 2 pc sets, warm up jackets and ultra light shoes available by size and color.

The Bottom Line…..

is that Sheehan Sales offers you many opportunities to increase the bottom line profit of your Uniform Business. You can install a permanent "Sale Rack" and watch it become a major profit center for your business. You can increase the frequency with which customers return to your store, or purchase from you directly because you have new items each time they visit. You can have access to our large inventory of Prints & In Stock Basics to buy what you need, when you need it, rather than committing months in advance. What can Sheehan Sales do for you?

Increase Gross Margin……Increase Inventory Turnover…..Achieve a high level of Sell-Through….